Welcome to Bovillia. 

The pages on the Bovillia website contain affiliate links to  This means that for any purchases made on Society6 via an affiliate link on the Bovillia website, we will receive a small commission for our designs or other artists designs that appear on the items, at no extra cost to you.

Our goal is to connect art enthusiasts looking for unique home decor with the artists who create such work and to help them with the growth of their business whilst also helping visitors to to discover home decor and art that is not the mainstream. Every purchase on Society6 pays an artist.

We make every effort to ensure that product and/or service reviews as well as affiliate links are disclosed in accordance with the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) does not make any of the products displayed on this website or the Society6 website. Our role as an artist is to create the designs that go on the products and it is Society6 who make and print the items at their facility in the US.  Society6 also ship the items directly to their customers as soon as they are ready.  All items are made to order. does not take any payments for any items purchased via the links on our website to Society6.  All payments for items are paid through the Society6 website, via an account which consumers must create when purchasing items.

All customer enquiries about a product, returns and refunds and shipping must go directly to Society6 customer service and can be contacted here.

The product images on this website are created from mockup images, this means that our designs are placed onto these images through photoshop, they are not real life photos of the actual product.  We make every effort to present the designs in their most accurate form, however the colors may vary depending on such variants as the monitor / screen settings and light in which they are viewed on.

Thank you for your support.